Who Will be teaching me?


  • Agnes -As a teenager I practiced martial arts, which taught me the incredible power when focusing my mind and using breath.


    However, my chosen career as a top stylist in Germany was all about creating outer beauty and much as I loved my work, I was still hungry to pursue a journey into inner beauty. I fell in love with yoga in my first ever Ashtanga class in 2004. It was like coming home.


    In 2010 I moved to Mallorca and trained as a teacher with Yoga Works. I was incredibly fortunate to study with Jeanne Heileman. Today, I've completed my 500 hours, and have continued to take more trainings among others with Simon Borg -Olivier. I know yoga only transforms us if we are dedicated, but, as in life, joy is the key.


    I really hope that you feel both challenged and joyful in my classes as I encourage you to learn how to use mind and breath to liberate your unique potential. And I look forward to learning from you.