Who Will be teaching me?


  • Emmeline - Emmeline Schembri fell in love with yoga whilst travelling in India which is where she spent two months studying Ashtanga yoga. She also travelled to Bali, and completed a yoga teacher training in Vinyasa yoga.


    Throughout the years Emmeline has also studied yin yoga and found a love for sound practices such as mantras. chanting and sound healing, all of which are incorporated into her classes. The classes are a unique blend of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha yoga in which heat-building movement is combined with deep stretches and the holding of postures.


    Emmeline focuses on the foundations of poses and brings attention to the way our bodies are held and used throughout the practice. The classes invoke a sacred space, inviting students to be open and to let the essence of yoga flow through with a rhythmic and mindful practice.


    Every session ends with meditative sounds as a way of deepening the Savasana (relaxation) practice.