Who Will be teaching me?


  • Sarah - One of the most beautiful things with yoga is that it can mean and be so many various things throughout our lives. It´s like an inexhaustible source of wisdom, a dear companion, a humble friend, who always, full of patience, shares her knowledge with generosity.


    A beautiful treasure box full of tools which help us find our own path, lets us lift our gaze and see in different perspectives, supports us to find our own inherent intelligence, creates space and lets us grow with respect, integrity and to see the world and ourselves with kind curiosity. Wherever and whenever you are in life Yoga seems to have something to offer like an unerring guide.


    In my own practice, as well as in my role of sharing yoga, my intention is to listen and explore in a gently, soft, curious and humble way, integrating the movements with our breaths, finding space so well connected with integrity, and empathy. Listen, grow and evolve together.


    Sarah started practicing yoga when she lived in Mallorca in the beginning of 2000. The interest of movement and health has always followed her and with yoga she felt like she was coming home. When she moved back to Stockholm the need and passion for yoga gradually grow. Her first teacher training was in Stockholm in Virya Yoga, a dynamic yoga form with Josephine Selander. After workshops with Ulrica Norberg and Sarah Powers a Yin Yoga education followed. After that Sarah came in contact with the ISHTA lineage and Alan Finger, and has had the pleasure to deepen and continue teacher training with ISHTA teachers such as Sarah Platt-Finger, Ulrica Norberg, Katrina Repka, Mona Anand and Gina Menza. ISHTA is a blend of ancient and contemporary sciences of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda who aim to bring inspiration to the individuals.